Dec 12, 2011

Sweet Birthday Surprise! welcome 27

On the 8th of December I waved Goodbye to 26 and started being 27 years old.. this year's birthday was so special.. I spend it with my fiance, family and my lovely friends.
"Cat In Boots" was a fun Movie choice after that  we had A lot of cake,sweets and dancing.
But the most wonderful part of my day was when i walked into the guest room and find Fedi standing there with a harmonica playing Happy Birthday I didn't know that he got it and was practicing playing  some of our favorite songs for the past two days!... he was NICE, SWEET and makes the heart beat <3

Dec 7, 2011

My Super Sweet November!

I  had a really busy month preparing my engagement party and secretly planning a nice day out with my Fedi on his birthday with a special gift, not only that!.. but helping one of my friends with her engagement party and dress as well.
I was running out of time but it was all fun.. we spent alot of time out shopping and by the end of each day I ran to my bed to get some sleep and energy for the next day.
So, we're done with the party shopping and now I have to get ready for Fedi's birthday, I had a lot of ideas in mind with kind of a small budget.
So I told Fadi that I'll go shopping with my sister  this time and we're not going to the mall together  as we always do!
but that was the plan :)
I got him some nice simple things that I know he like, and I bought some ingredients I need to make him special kind of cake or cookies that I've never made before.. the next day I put my cookies with some mini donuts in a nice box and we went to a very simple charming resturant in old damascus It was PERFECT... Happy Birthday Dear <3

those are my red velvet cookies... yummy!

wait that's not all!
a week later we had the most fun well arranged  engagement party  All GREEN matching my dress and Fedi's tie color with the people we love all around it was more than what i wanted... and now as our song says "YOU BELONG WITH ME"