Nov 26, 2012

Our Dates Book

I love Gifts! especially when I'm getting it for someone close.
Yesterday we celebrated our engagement  first anniversary, I wanted a gift to last so, while I was checking Zeina Daily Style I found a lovely Mini Notebook and there I found my Idea a hand made notebook.. a calender where we will keep our important dates and days together then I matched it with a small cactus for Fedi's office.
Fedi was At the same page he got my Red Roses for my desk with a stamp ( made specially for me!) with our engagement DATE on it.

Nov 21, 2012

Meet Kehla

 Meet my new pet_ a red eye turtle- with such beautiful colored lines all over and really cute small eyes like she's wearing an eye-liner so I called it (Kehla) the Arabic word for eye liner.

Nov 18, 2012

Another November :)

Yes, I 'm going to blog about November every year and it gets sweeter and sweeter
Starts with Fedi's - exceptional circumstances- Birthday, even though we couldn't go out to one of our special places as I planed but we had such a great day in a nice café  nearby my home and a lovely, fun night at home with my family.
our party theme : ( weird masks - sweet and salty food - a gifts with a hand made bag wrap)

can't wait til the 24th of November to complete my sweet month.

Nov 17, 2012

New Name

One word blog title sounds better to me.. Voyage is my new shared thoughts name.

Check List

    I've got to admit that depression had found it way to me in the past few days that we've been dealing with in ( Yarmouk Camp- Damascus to Gaza- Palestine).
Usually I find my way out of this mood by getting busy with something so I decided to concentrate on the bright side I thought for a while and I've found that some really good stuff had happened so I made this (positive check list J )    
-          Fedi's   Graduation                                                     
-          We got our washing machine.                                   
-          My little student is doing great job with English you should hear him introducing himself( my name ith Falouq)= Farouq.                    
-          I'm getting  a raise.                                                         
-          All my family and friends are fine.                              
-          Rainy days were so helpful  and peaceful               
-          Voluntary work was ON during October.                
-         re-organize my office = better mood                                                           
It's a post for myself actually so I can remain Thankful and optimistic no matter what!