Mar 22, 2012

I Won't call You a woman.. I will call you EVERYTHING

يرموك :: Yarmouk
Written by my sister- Palestanian Women on Mothers' Day
Love you mom

Mar 19, 2012

Hand made...A+

Just got back from an amazing Bazaar... I'm going back home filled with extra ideas for hand made projects which I've been planning to do for my home to give it my own touch and taste.. wait for it soon.

this table cover and mony other things are made by naya.artisan

Mar 7, 2012

My Own Angry Bird..

I think It was June 2011 when we got our  few days old duck Plus a smaaall turtle, Fedi and I called them (Batikha = watermelom) and the turtles' name was (Jebne= Cheese)...
Meet the baby Batikha back then..

It Is so fun to watch her growing so fast and now she gives an egg per day...eating those eggs was not an option it felt like a bad Idea somehow, anyway I got  my share of those eggs in a funny lovely way..
Not only this but he  sent an egg to France as a gift (Take a look at Bob Marley the egg)