Dec 12, 2011

Sweet Birthday Surprise! welcome 27

On the 8th of December I waved Goodbye to 26 and started being 27 years old.. this year's birthday was so special.. I spend it with my fiance, family and my lovely friends.
"Cat In Boots" was a fun Movie choice after that  we had A lot of cake,sweets and dancing.
But the most wonderful part of my day was when i walked into the guest room and find Fedi standing there with a harmonica playing Happy Birthday I didn't know that he got it and was practicing playing  some of our favorite songs for the past two days!... he was NICE, SWEET and makes the heart beat <3


Sophiart said...

Even I am late! I can still wish you a happy birthday !

Rasha 2c said...

Thank You Sophia... it's always nice to hear from you so you're not late... and a late Happy New Year :)