Jul 18, 2012


17th of July 2011 me and my girlfriends were having a masquerade we had a great  time laughing dancing  and we decided to make it an annual event but  we didn't know that a year after at the same date we will be having such a rough time filled with tension..  and all we have in mind will be;  what could happen tomorrow? can we go to work today? Can we have our normal life again?? And how to provide the emigrant families with food medicines and a money?
Life can be so tricky one day we're up high and the other we're……  well, I won't say in the bottom but I'll say hoping to go back up.
Praying  for Syria

Jul 3, 2012

few days off...

here I am having my nesacfe with a yummy Arabian sweet  but this time in Jordan in a really nice windy night.. yes! I really deserve some time off after two exhausting months where I had to work extra hours and take my final exams then go for a "wedding dress shopping" with my B.F.F whose getting married in August (well that was a nice ending)..
and now I am in Amman- Jordan for my cousin's wedding where everybody is going crazy as the clock ticking, trying to enjoy my days-off as much as possible.