Oct 30, 2012

A smile for the small faces

it's Adha Eid, meaning = children, playing, laughing, visiting relatives and new clothes.. that's how it should be but lately in Syria,many kids had lost their eid.. so we decided to plan a play day for them including toys and clothes.
First day: " al Jaouna Street" -  in a memory of  Martyrs carnival and the kids got their share o\f gifts and having a good time it was amazing!

ٍSecond day: a play with some activities for the refugees -living at schools- kids

Third day: open day for the school kids (games - gifts - clothes - dancing and pop corn)

and I had so much fun with the kids it was a day to remember... Happy feast أضحى مبارك
we've worked with Jafra Foundation and Tawasol " Palestinian Youth team" .

Oct 20, 2012

the perfect Friday

I usually don't like Fridays they are kind of boring but yesterday.. it was FUN!
we had our breakfast at home it was like a small at home picnic Fadi got the bread and we had a delicous jam and cream + chocolate sandwiches..

and to make my holiday perfect after having a great time with my family and Fedi <3, we had a rainy night at Damascus it washed everything we all needed it to relax and we didn't mind the thunder sound as it brings a good thing afterword..  I love rainy Damascus!

that was a lucky shot by my mobile :)

Oct 13, 2012

at home workshop

We were just sitting at home when Fadi decided to make something with my sister Hanin, so they got  their sticks, glue, colors and strings to start working.. first he made a  parachutist then they made a kite with their own touch..

Well we didn't fly it but  it ended up at my wall which got more colorful with Fadi's Japanese name on it! 

Oct 11, 2012

A step forward

It's a few words post ( Fadi is Graduated)

I only got  two hours to prepare a small _at home_ Celebration with some balloons, an apple  cake, simple gifts and happy faces J

so, I finally got my Birthday wish after 9 months.

Oct 9, 2012

Blossomed my day..

Once I opened my eyes  this morning I smelled my blossom that I got yesterday  it was filling the air..
a great way to start a day :)

8th of October meant a happy 33 months with Fedi <3

Oct 2, 2012

A Girls Food weekend!

Spending time with my friends and sweets are one of my favorite things to do, and the last weekend were a golden one where I had both.

My friend Nour is getting married next Wednesday so we throw her a simple bridal shower, we had "msakhan" and "Kabseh"  Palestinian famous dishes  ".. it was YUMMY!

Lucky us our bride is a great cook especially when it comes to deserts so she made us  this Nescafe cake with a cup of tea and chit chat for hours..
 The very next day I got an invitation to try a new kind of sweets at my friends' office

 meet the delicious "Mabrosheh" that we had while it was raining for the first time and listening to " Fairouz"