Oct 30, 2012

A smile for the small faces

it's Adha Eid, meaning = children, playing, laughing, visiting relatives and new clothes.. that's how it should be but lately in Syria,many kids had lost their eid.. so we decided to plan a play day for them including toys and clothes.
First day: " al Jaouna Street" -  in a memory of  Martyrs carnival and the kids got their share o\f gifts and having a good time it was amazing!

ٍSecond day: a play with some activities for the refugees -living at schools- kids

Third day: open day for the school kids (games - gifts - clothes - dancing and pop corn)

and I had so much fun with the kids it was a day to remember... Happy feast أضحى مبارك
we've worked with Jafra Foundation and Tawasol " Palestinian Youth team" .

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