Nov 17, 2012

Check List

    I've got to admit that depression had found it way to me in the past few days that we've been dealing with in ( Yarmouk Camp- Damascus to Gaza- Palestine).
Usually I find my way out of this mood by getting busy with something so I decided to concentrate on the bright side I thought for a while and I've found that some really good stuff had happened so I made this (positive check list J )    
-          Fedi's   Graduation                                                     
-          We got our washing machine.                                   
-          My little student is doing great job with English you should hear him introducing himself( my name ith Falouq)= Farouq.                    
-          I'm getting  a raise.                                                         
-          All my family and friends are fine.                              
-          Rainy days were so helpful  and peaceful               
-          Voluntary work was ON during October.                
-         re-organize my office = better mood                                                           
It's a post for myself actually so I can remain Thankful and optimistic no matter what!

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