Oct 16, 2013


a wedding party to plan, a dress to be made on time and a house with our personal touch  all of these GOT TO BE PERFECT! so you can imagine how stress I get these days but having Fadi with me step by step has made every thing more exiting and fun to do!

Just today I received a wedding dress design from my future sister in low and I loved it so much so Check.. Party SECRET Plan is going so well so far , I can't wait to share it with you, invitation cards are being made by the two of us they will be ready within days :)
here is Fadi working on the invitations  final look after I've done my part writing the text ..

  as for our Home I got the first painting to hang on our wall it is so beautiful especially that it was made by my Fedi filled with colors happiness and LOVE.

expressing so many feelings all mixed together and fun to share except for my Bridzilla moments...
It's all Gonna be amazing I know that for sure :)