Oct 1, 2011

Ballerina or Flamenco Dancer?

since i was a little girl i was dreaming about wearing a red rose on my hair in my special day with the white dress a Spanish style i've always loved the way they dance it's filled with pride and power something any woman should have PLUS another cute girly thing i've always loved that is Ballet!
 I love those small music boxes with little ballerina spinning around or candleholder like the one my mom have!
anyway i was googling some ballerina paintings yesterday when i found this nice website where you can buy paintings and find all about the artist Bio and info his paintings Paintinghere.
and there I found some amazing paintings most of them about spanish dancers and ballerinas I just loved every single piece that's why i'm using his painting as my profile pic!
Andrew Atroshenko a Russian artist and you can find all about him on paintinghere I'm not going to talk anymore i'll let you check it out by your self.
oh yes I forgot to ask: are you a Flamenco dancer or a ballerina?

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