Oct 26, 2011

Yes... I'm in the Kitchen!

Outdoors person activities freinds etc... active girl outside very lazy at home that was me!
4 months ago it was almost imposible to see me in the kitchen for any reason..
I love to clean, good food, new taste to try but i didn't really loved make an effort to do any of these at the kitchen why to when my mom and sisters are on it??
but lately I decided to challenge myself by spending more time making sweets, cleaning something else beside my room and ofcourse helping my mama :)

it wasn't that easy at first i've burned some cookies :/
but then it got more fun and easier first i made Double Choclate Cherry Muffins then i tried those delicious Light Lemon Slices and yes they were GOOD!

well, this is what i've doing lately so by the time i'm married i'll be all better to make some nice food for us ME and  MY FEDI :) and he likes it so far..

I'm ejoing some lovely sites with really good recipes you can check it in Get Inspired with.. on the right of this page.

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